Marion Coma

The origins of COMA date back to 1974 in Hermannstadt.
Marion Coma spent her childhood in an art-influenced family home, which – with its bright colors and a magnificent garden – encouraged her creativity at an early age. In her early youth she left the country and set off on a journey full of unlimited possibilities: on the one hand, the Romanian-born artist completed an apprenticeship as a steel engraver at the Gablonz Glass and Jewellery School, on the other hand, she studied jewelry design and spent the first years after her apprenticeship in one of the most renowned jewelry houses in Germany, with headquarters in Ulm. At Ehinger & Schwarz she could demonstrate her skills and was responsible for figurative collections.

Both aspects of her training in jewelry and engraving shape the work of this international designer, who left the company in 2002 to realize her visions with her own gallery. The main component of her creations is an old technique of engraving - it is visible in many of her works and shows unlimited possibilities in jewelry design. From filigree ornaments and figures to architecturally constructed modern jewelry, her works are reminiscent of a bouquet of different exotic flowers, a potpourri of small figures, gems and pearls, she puts together with her customers to a coherent, drawn puzzle. Marion Coma's drawing talent is reflected in her numerous sketchbooks and in the large paintings that decorate her studio (and leave many jewelry customers in awe and obtaining a COMA painting).

The world of "beautiful and valuable things" in which Marion COMA engages, prompts her to bring other projects to life in addition to her work as a designer, and so she established the Coma-Golf-Cup in 2010. At this event she collects money for local people in need. The COMA-CUP, which draws attention every year (with an unusual motto, jewelry prizes, bands and shows), became an indispensable event in the region.

Inspired by pieces of jewelry with golf balls, COMA remains true to the sport of ball games and develops the first jewelry collection for basketball players of Ratiopharm Ulm in November 2013. The "Orange Collection" includes bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Basketball player Cameron Long presents her jewelry on TV and makes an unmistakable statement for every basketball fan.

2018 Marion Coma leaves the area of sport and dedicates her creativity to traditional bavarian „Tracht“. Her second line COMA-Tracht shows opulent couture jewelry that causes a sensation at the fairs in Salzburg. Precious jewels are like a meringue on every gorgeous Dirndl or Janker. The collection shows unusual pieces of jewelry for men and women.

Every day in her life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which chocolate she is going to unpack next – she has gone on a long journey to turn her passion into a profession that makes her happy every day.

COMA Motto:

"Live your life anew every day and try to create things that are immortal!“